Deborah Carney at the Phoenix Botanical Garden
Deborah Carney at the Phoenix Botanical Garden
I’m Deborah Carney, born and lived in Upstate NY (Rochester Area) for most of my life. I am a SouthWest addict. I moved to Henderson, NV after having spent time visiting the mountains and desert of Nevada and California. Red Rock Canyon plus Valley of Fire outside of Las Vegas, Nevada became two places where I went to heal after the death of my youngest son, and again after the death of his brother. Red Rock Canyon had an energy that I felt that made me feel more at peace. When I wanted to cry, my eye would go to a place that I felt the need to photograph. I took that as a sign that my son Daniel was trying to get me to do what I love (I’m a professional photographer) and distract me from my sadness.

Over the next few years I traveled all over Nevada, Southern California and Utah in awe of the mountains and canyons that bear their souls to the world, unlike the mountain ranges of the East Coast that are cloaked in trees, bushes and grass. I traveled with friends, or traveled alone, and felt a comfort I hadn’t in a long time.

Fast forward to January 2012, where unintentionally I ended up in Sedona, Arizona for several days. My daughter and grandson and I planned to go to a wild animal park, then to Sedona for a day. We kept adding days as I learned about the Red Rocks of Sedona where once again I felt an energy, and where I learned that the rocks themselves do actually exert an energy. Then we learned about the vortexes and decided to stick around and explore those.

The journeys we went on, physically and spiritually (in a non-religious way), will be chronicled in this site in books that include the stunning images of the SouthWest combined with historical and mythical stories from American Indian Lore, New Age (which is a term I dislike), meditation from India and other healing and inspiring writing.

I am convinced the universe conspired to send me to Sedona, which has turned into a gift that I hope lasts the rest of my life.

We are where we are supposed to be, when we are supposed to be there.
~ Deborah Carney – 2012